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Cafe Church

Cafe Church dates for 2018:-


Sunday 28th January

Sunday 25th February

Sunday 25th March

Sunday 29th April

Sunday 27th May

Sunday 24th June

Sunday 29th July

Sunday 26th August

Sunday 23rd September

No meeting in October

No meeting in November

Sunday 9th December

6.00 p.m. St. John's Church

Café Church is a monthly meeting organised for and run by young people. This is a very sociable and informal form of worship. An important strand of the Church’s Outreach Programme, Café Church was originally perceived as being an alternative, less formal worship for youngsters. However, it has attracted and welcomes people of all ages.

When people arrive they are greeted with hot drinks and cake. The spiritual meeting then begins with modern songs led by young singers and accompanied by guitars and drums. We have had a number of people leading the worship, including some very interesting visiting speakers. Café Church is also seen as a platform for new leaders to gain experience under the Rector's guidance. This has worked well and generated some good and lively discussions.

A cooked meal follows where there is plenty of opportunity to continue these discussions or socialise. After cake and coffee the meeting closes with prayers and more music.

Café Church is generally held on the last Sunday of the month at St John’s Church, Buxton, starting at 6.00pm. No fees are charged, but donations are gratefully received.