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Keith, Isabelle and William Edghill climbing Shuttlingsloe, which they did as a sponsored event for St. Mary's for Gift Day.






Buxton Team Parish Baby photo competition.

Many thanks to the good sports who allowed me to use their baby photos for this guessing competition. I realised it was quite difficult because, believe it or not, we have all changed since our early years! Possibly the two who were most difficult to guess were John Wood (mystery child on St. James page) and Rev Keith Cocking (commonly mistaken for Margaret Slyfield in the ministry team)!

The competition raised £180.50 for Buxton Team Parish, and much of this has been gift aided.

Prizes have been given to entries with the most correct for each page of photos. These have gone to:

Ian Armett for St. Mary’s Church

Peter Thornley for Christ Church Burbage

Paul Taylor for Buxton Ministry Team

Lorraine Marrow for King Sterndale Church

Barbara Higginbottom for St. James’ Church

With thanks,

Liz Collins



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