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St. James' Church

A massive thank you to all who supported our St James Open Days - we had such a positive response, which exceeded our expectations. We are now working on the next stage for St James' church.
St James' stands on Harpur Hill
Bread and wine are offered still.
We need your help, to grow the place
Can you give time to run this space?
We're friendly, open Sundays too
This is your church, we welcome you! 


A small, committed congregation gathers at this 100 year old church to worship God in a quiet, informal yet traditional Anglican style.
It is built at the head of a valley, and so offers wonderful views over the surrounding hills, but also receives the full force of Westerly winds. The Church is light and airy, accommodating 120 people.

The congregation is enthusiastic, taking responsibility for many of the tasks which ensure the smooth running of services. They are wonderfully supportive of the community, many having resided in the village through all its changes, and so know all the older residents. They are not afraid to tackle the inevitable money raising efforts, and benefit through them by developing a community spirit. 

So there is plenty of opportunity for lay involvement here and to join in, but no pressure to do anything if you don't wish to, from this friendly and welcoming group.


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